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2024 Suzuki GSX-8S Specifications


Infinite Potential. Limitless Fun.

Functional beauty meets futuristic styling and the performance potential of an optimized engine and chassis layout. Engineered from the ground up to shine as a fresh realization of naked street fighter performance, the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S delivers power, handling, and comfort that respond faithfully to your every action and put you in full control. And wait until you discover how much fun it makes every outing.

2024 Suzuki GSX-8S Features

Slim, compact and powerful, 776cm3 parallel twin DOHC engine delivers a fine balance of smooth, controllable power from low rpm and pleasant free-revving performance across the high end.

The engine’s 270-degree crankshaft layout helps maintain the pleasant feeling that is common with Suzuki’s V-twin models, such as the SV650.

Suzuki Cross Balancer, the first biaxial primary balancer on a production motorcycle to position its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft, contributes to smooth operation and a compact, lightweight engine design.

The vertically stacked pair of hexagonal LED headlights flanked by compact LED position lights provide a clear view of the road ahead, while creating a sharp look with unique character that makes the front end look light and ready for action.

A custom 5-inch color TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel features a clearly legible display with a rich variety of information.

Adopts the latest electronic control systems of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.), including the Bi-directional Quick Shift System, Ride-by-Wire Electronic Throttle System, Suzuki Traction Control System, Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS), ABS, Low RPM Assist, and the Easy Start System.

The standard-equipment Bi-directional Quick Shift System lets you shift up or down without operating the clutch lever. Shifting is smooth and sure, and the system is optimized to provide a solid, satisfying click with each shift you make.

Every detail of its advanced styling, from the flat panel surfaces and sharp lines right down to the distinctive short muffler design, presents the futuristic appeal of a slim, compact design that instantly conveys performance potential in the GSX-8S’ mass-forward aggressive stance.


Suzuki’s parallel twin 776cm3 DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine combines smooth, controllable power from low rpm with the pleasant feeling of free-revving performance through to the high end. It is torquey and powerful, but also easy to control, with smooth throttle response and an inviting nature that provides a satisfying riding experience, whether enjoying a solo run or carrying a passenger.

It is a slim powerplant with compact front-rear dimensions that help achieve the most effective chassis geometry for performance gains.

Its 270-degree crankshaft design delivers a smooth ride, plenty of torque, positive traction, and a pleasing rumble and engine note similar to that of a V-twin engine.

It also introduces the Suzuki Cross Balancer. The first biaxial primary balancer on a production motorcycle to position its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft*, this patented** mechanism suppresses vibration to contribute to smooth operation, while its design also helps realize a lighter powerplant that is more compact from front to rear.

Highly-rigid, lightweight forged pistons engineered using FEM analysis achieve ideal rigidity, weight, and durability. Anodized heads and conical machining inside the wrist pin holes to transfer load and mitigate stress contribute to enhanced durability. The pistons ride on balanced connecting rods that feature the reliability and high level of technical prowess for which Suzuki is known.

The cylinder bores are plated using the Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) process. Originally developed for racing and proven on the track, SCEM promotes better heat dissipation, reduces friction, and achieves a consistent wear resistant seal on the piston rings for greater engine durability.

The GSX-8S employs 10-hole, long-nosed, 343kpa high-pressure-feed fuel injectors that maximize fuel atomization for better combustion efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Cooling system inlet control helps maintain consistent engine temperature and eliminate rough idle while warming the engine in cold weather.

The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) helps reduce fatigue on long rides and contributes to smoother shifting.

The six-speed transmission adopts gear ratios that deliver smooth shifting and exciting acceleration, whether shifting normally or using the standard-equipment Bi-directional Quick Shift system to shift without clutch operation.

The 2-into-1 exhaust system is engineered to produce a pleasing note that befits the parallel twin engine, and its distinctive short muffler design contributes greatly to realizing a mass-forward image. A two-stage catalytic converter inside the collector helps satisfy Euro 5 emissions standards.

* Based on Suzuki research as of November 2022.

** Patent granted for biaxial primary balancer that positions its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft.

The six-speed transmission features gear ratios that deliver exciting acceleration, whether shifting normally or when using the standard-equipment Bi-directional Quick Shift system to shift without clutch operation.

The GSX-8S’s precise shift linkage helps the rider easily and quickly select the ideal gear for the riding conditions.

A sensor on the shift rod sends shifter movement data to the ECM, so the Bi-directional Quick Shift system precisely responds to the rider’s actions.

The transmission’s output is managed by the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS). This system works like a slipper clutch by allowing a small amount of clutch slip for smoother downshifts. It also works as an assist clutch, increasing plate pressure under acceleration, but always keeps the clutch lever pull light and precise.

This large-diameter, wet, multi-plate clutch uses a precise cable-activated release, providing the rider with a light pull that also has superb friction-point feel.

Riding on durable steel sprockets, a strong O-ring style drive chain contains lubrication pre-packed between the pins and rollers for quiet, reliable operation.


The chassis is engineered to be slim, compact, lightweight, highly agile, and ideally suited to supporting the high-performance parallel twin engine. Every aspect reflects a strong focus on great handling and control, and on minimizing fatigue.

A highly rigid steel frame contributes to comfort, straight-line stability, and nimble handling.

The exposed seat rails provide solid support, while also contributing to a slim appearance and stripped-down look of functional beauty.

The long wheelbase (1,465mm) contributes to straight-line stability. Even so, the overall chassis geometry helps ensure nimble handling, cornering ability and a comfortable riding position with effective front-rear weight distribution, and the design still makes the bike appear compact.

Dual radial mount front disc brake calipers act on ø310mm discs to provide sure stopping power and controllable braking performance. The rear brake has a 240mm outer diameter disc and uses a single-piston pin-slide caliper.

KYB inverted front forks with a 130mm stroke deliver a plush, controllable ride and feature stable damping characteristics that makes them suitable for both sports riding and long-distance runs.

Adjustable KYB link-type rear suspension contributes to agility and stability. The dedicated link-type mono-shock KYB rear suspension is set up to contribute to straight-line stability and agility, even when carrying a passenger. And the settings are optimized to help realize nimble handling and predictable steering into corners.

Lightweight cast aluminum wheels contribute to agile handling and the sporty, futuristic appearance of the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S’ sharp styling.

Dunlop SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 tires (120/70ZR17 at the front; 180/55ZR17 at the rear) contribute to nimble, predictable handling and sporty performance. The tires feature an internal construction custom-engineered to match the characteristics of the GSX-8S and perform optimally, and a silica compound that enhances grip in wet conditions and durable wear resistance.

Features a uniquely shaped lightweight aluminum swingarm with enhanced torsional rigidity that contributes to nimble handling, straight-line stability, and ride comfort.

Tapered aluminum handlebars contribute to positive control and an upright riding position that offers comfort combined with a sporty riding experience.

The 14L fuel tank features a stunning slim design unique to the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S.

The rider’s seat is designed for comfortable sport riding. It delivers solid support toward its rear edge, is shaped to offer freedom of movement, and is covered in a skin that provides positive grip. The seat’s smoothly rounded edges also make it relatively easy to plant your feet on the ground when stopped. The separate pillion seat includes a hand strap for your passenger.

The tight, clean lines of the face and tail sections are contrasted by the muscular mass at the center, helping to realize a sharp, striking silhouette with instantly recognizable iconic presence. Exposed parts proudly highlight the mechanical appeal of the engine, frame, and other functional components. All combined, the styling creates an aggressive, futuristic mass-forward look that is slim, compact, well balanced, and ready for action.

Adopting the design concept, “an icon for a new era of functional beauty”, Suzuki’s design team based its 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S styling goals on the following three keywords. “New Era” reflects the goal of creating a thoroughly modern design that sets a trend for an exciting new generation of motorcycles. “Visual Structure” reflects the goal of exposing the bike’s functional parts, painting them, and simplifying the bodywork and graphics to put a spotlight on the visceral appeal of its structural elements. “Icon” reflects the goal to create a unique futuristic silhouette with iconic presence that is instantly recognizable from a distance and symbolizes the future of Suzuki design.

The advanced electronic systems of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S.) featured on the GSX-8S assist and help you optimize performance characteristics to match your changing riding needs and preferences. By making the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S feel more controllable, predictable, and less tiring to operate, these systems help you ride with greater peace of mind.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS) lets you freely choose among three different power output characteristic modes to best match varying riding conditions or your preferences. While all three ultimately deliver maximum engine output, finer control over response and torque characteristics as you open the throttle to accelerate empowers you to ride with greater confidence and pleasure.

  • Mode A (Active)
    Delivers the sharpest throttle response as you open the throttle. Torque characteristics are finely tuned to deliver exciting acceleration as the throttle is opened.
  • Mode B (Basic)
    Features softer throttle response and a more linear power delivery curve as you open the throttle. Settings are tuned to help make the bike more controllable and a good fit for everyday riding.
  • Mode C (Comfort)
    Offers yet softer throttle response and more gentle torque characteristics. This mode is useful when riding on wet or slippery surfaces.

The Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS)* is designed to help prevent rear wheel slip, thereby reducing stress and fatigue while instilling greater confidence in controlling your ride. You can select from 3 modes to control how quickly the system takes effect and how proactive it is in limiting wheel spin, or you can opt to run with it turned off.

Suzuki’s Ride-by-Wire Electronic Throttle System realizes linear feedback to throttle grip action that responds faithfully to your every intention and makes the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S feel more controllable.

The Bi-directional Quick Shift System lets you shift up or down while in motion without operating the clutch lever. When activated, this standard-equipment system delivers clean upshifts with smooth acceleration, as well as quick and easy downshifts. The gear shift linkage system load rate is optimized to provide a solid, satisfying click with each shift that assures you the gearbox has responded immediately to your action.

By helping prevent engine speed from dropping excessively when you pull away from a standing start or ride at low speeds, Low RPM Assist delivers smoother starts and inspires greater confidence when you are riding in stop-and-go traffic, or doing U-turns.

Suzuki Easy Start System lets you start the engine with just one quick press of a button. As a function used on every outing, it makes your riding experience all the more pleasurable and convenient.

* The Traction Control System is not a substitute for the rider’s throttle control. It cannot prevent loss of traction due to excessive speed when the rider enters a turn and/or applies the brakes. Neither can it prevent the front wheel from losing grip.


The vertically stacked pair of hexagonal LED headlights provides a clear view of the road ahead and features a sharp design with unique character. Compact LED position lights form narrow slits that trace down the front cowl to accent the face’s unique “mask”.

The LED rear combination light is integrated with the license plate light. Mounted on the slim rear fender, this light contributes to a sporty design that makes the 2024 Suzuki GSX-8S look even shorter and slimmer in the rear.

The custom 5-inch color TFT LCD multifunction instrument panel features clearly legible displays that keep you fully aware of all the bike’s systems and settings in real time, and now adds a function that lets you display large pop-up alerts and warnings. Manual or automatic switching between day and night display modes lets you maximize visibility at any hour and in any riding situation.

The ergonomic handlebar switch layout maximizes operating ease and efficiency so you can intuitively access all controls while focusing on the road ahead. Select modes and make settings and adjustments for each S.I.R.S. control system by simply operating the MODE and UP/DOWN switches on the left handlebar.

2024 Suzuki GSX-8S Specifications

Pearl Cosmic Blue (QU1)
Glass Mat Mechanical Gray (QT7)
Metallic Mat Black No.2 (YKV)

Engine: 776cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC parallel-twin
Bore x Stroke: 84.0 mm x 70 mm (3.3 in. x 2.8 in.)
Compression Ratio: 12.8:1
Fuel System: Fuel injection
Starter: Electric
Lubrication: Force-fed circulation, wet sump

Clutch: Wet, multi-plate type
Transmission: 6-speed constant mesh
Final Drive: O-ring style drive chain, 525 x 118L

Suspension Front: Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped
Suspension Rear: Link type, single shock, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front: NISSIN, Radial-mount 4-piston calipers, twin disc, ABS-equipped
Brakes Rear: NISSIN, 1-piston caliper, single disc, ABS-equipped
Tires Front: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W), tubeless
Tires Rear: 180/55ZR17M/C (73W), tubeless
Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.0 L (3.7 US gal.)

Ignition: Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Spark Plug: Iridium type x 2
Headlight: Mono-focus LED x 2
Tail Light: LED

Overall Length: 2115 mm (83.3 in.)
Wheelbase: 1465 mm (57.7 in.)
Ground Clearance: 145 mm (5.7 in.)
Overall Width: 775 mm (30.5 in.)
Seat Height: 810 mm (31.9 in.)
Overall Height: 1105 mm (43.5 in.)
Curb Weight: 202 kg (445 lb.)

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