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Suzuki GSX-R750 1996 Specifications


In 1996, Suzuki listened to its customers and brought the GSX-R 750 1996 Suzuki back to where it should have been. With a new chassis, new engine, 39 mm carburetors, a new line, weight 20 kg fell, weighed 179 kg with 128 horsepower and precise handling.

The Suzuki GSX-R 750 1996 is manufactured using technologies derived directly from racing 500cc GP. Even looked a lot like the bike Suzuki RGV 500 Kevin Schwantz will pilot in the FIA ​​World last year.

The new model Suzuki GSX-R 750 1996 was as extreme as the first model GSXR a decade earlier. The wheelbase was reduced to 1,400 mm and the new framework 24 ° twin-spar aluminum (instead of double cradle) was very stiff.

The new engine was an impressive feat of engineering, the most compact, lightweight engine class. New race distance (72 x 46 mm) engine, water-cooled, DOHC, four-valve, 25 degrees moved forward.

Cylinders mounted SCEM (Silicon Carbide Electro-Plate) to reduce the passage of the cylinder. This year the new air induction system, DASS (Suzuki Ram Air Direct) and electronic control BDSR 39mm carburetors is introduced.

The DASS stands for Suzuki Ram Air Direct (Direct Air Force Suzuki) is a system used by the manufacturer Suzuki in some of their motorcycle engines. It consists of a direct air intake, usually from the nose fairing, which goes directly to a box or airbox overpressure, where the feed rate for induced dynamic pressure, the air increases its pressure relative to atmospheric, being then mixed with fuel and subsequently injected into the cylinders. System efficiency increases with speed, since the pressure in the airbox increases with it, thus resulting in a supercharging system, acting the same way as a mechanical displacement compressor, but without needing to use any element added to the engine.

The lightweight magnesium was used to cover the cylinder head, starter, clutch, transmission gear and other areas. These and other weight savings allowed the new model achieve the same dry weight of 179 kg as the original model of the Suzuki GSX-R 750 1985.

The 43 mm inverted forks and rear suspension were fully adjustable.

Suzuki GSX-R750 1996 Specifications

Suzuki year code 1996: T

Gold and Black Blue and White

Dimensions and curb weight
Overall length: 2,055 mm (80.9 in) Overall width: 720 mm (28.3 in) Overall height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in) Wheelbase: 1,410 mm (55.1 in) Ground clearance: 130 mm (5.1 in) Seat height: 830 mm (32.7 in) Empty weight: 179 kg (394 lbs)

Engine Type: 4 stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC. Number of cylinders: 4 cylinders. Caliber: 72 mm (2.834 in) Stroke: 46 mm (1.811 in) Displacement: 749 cc (45.7 cu in.) Compression ratio: 11.8: 1 Carburetor: MIKUNI BDSR39 Air filter: Paper element Starting system: Electric Lubrication system: Wet Collector

Drivetrain Clutch: Wet, multiplate oil Transmission: 6-speed constant Gear Gearshift pattern: 1 reduction, 5x Primary reduction ratio: 1.756 (72/41) Gear Ratio: Low: 2,866 (43/15) The 2nd: 2,058 (35/17) The 3rd: 1,650 (33/20) The 4th: 1,428 (30/21) The 5th: 1,260 (29/23) High: 1,120 (28/25) Final reduction ratio: 2.687 (43/16) Drive chain: RK TAKASAGO 50MFOZ1, 108 links

Front suspension: Inverted telescopic, coil springs, adjustable preload, damping oil. Rear suspension: articulated type, coil springs, damping oil / gas, adjustable preload fully adjustable shock compression and rebound. Fork travel: 120 mm (4.7 in) Rear wheel travel: 133 mm (5.2 in) Steering angle: 30 ° Caster angle: 66º Filmed: 96 mm (3.8 in) Turning radius: 3.1 m (10.2 ft) Front brakes: Double disc brake 300 mm, 4-piston caliper, hydraulic drive Rear Brake: Caliper one piston, 220 mm disc, hydraulic drive Front Tire Size: 120/70 ZR 17 (58 W), tubeless Rear Tire Size: 190/50 ZR 17 (73 W), tubeless

Electrical Equipment
Ignition Type: Electronic ignition (Transistorized) Ignition timing: 4th BTDC at 1150 rpm Spark plug: NGK CR9E or NIPPONDENSO U27ESR-N Battery: 12 V 28.8 kC (8 Ah) / 10 HR Generator: Three-phase AC generator Main fuse: 30A Fuse: 15/15/10/15/10 A Headlight: 12 V 12V 55W + 55 W Flashing light 12 V 21 W Light: 12 V 5 W Brake / rear: 12 V 21/5 W x 2 Speedometer Light: 12V 1.7W Light Tachometer: 12V 1.7W Neutral indicator light: 12V 1.7W Indicator light beam: 12V 1.7W Indicator light turn signal: 12V 1.7W Indicator light fuel level: 12V 1.7W

Fuel tank, including reserve: 18 l (4.8 / 4.0 US / Imp gal) Engine oil: oil change: 2,600 ml (2.7 / 2.3 US / Imp qt) with filter change: 2.800 ml (3.0 / 2.5 US / Imp qt) Repair: 3.500 ml (3.7 / 3.1 US / Imp qt) Refrigerant: 2,550 ml (2.7 / 2.2 US / Imp qt)

Suzuki GSX-R750 1996 Image Gallery

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