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Suzuki GSX-R750 2006 Specifications


Suzuki GSX-R750 2006, a race bike with lights
Combining the responsive torque and broad, smooth powerband of a heavyweight with the compact size and easier handling of a middleweight. Packed with cutting-edge technology that reads like a motorcycle racer’s high performance wish list. The Suzuki GSX-R750 2006. Built to Own the Racetrack, with street equipment added.
750cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine is carefully designed with SUZUKI’s cutting-edge technology for ultra-compactness, lightweight, high revving and power delivery.
70mm x 48.7mm of bore/stroke and 76mm cylinder pitch help keep the engine narrow and lightweight.
High-revving valvetrain features titanium valves, and narrow valve angles allowing a high 12.5:1 of compression ratio.
Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system helps deliver a more seamless and linear response, superior combustion efficiency, sufficient low-rpm torque and reduced emissions.
Secondary fuel injector in each throttle body comes into action under high-rpm, heavy-load conditions to increase engine output on the racetrack.
Secondary balancer shaft reduces secondary vibration at high rpm.
Close-ratio 6-speed transmission. Back-torque limiting clutch help make quick downshifts smoother, especially on the racetrack.
Inverted front forks have 41mm inner tubes with carbonized titanium coating to reduce friction losses.
Aluminum-alloy swingarm is designed long, while keeping the short wheelbase for better chassis geometry, to improve suspension and traction feedback for riders on racetracks.
3-way adjustable footpegs, adjustable shift lever, and short fuel tank help compose functional and comfortable riding position.
Front brake with large 310mm discs, radial calipers and a radial master cylinder. Rear brake has a single-piston caliper.
Vertically stacked multi-reflector/projector headlights. Compact LED taillight/brake light with clear lens. Instruments include a step-motor analog tachometer, LCD speedometer, dual trip meters, clock, fuel gauge, gear position and engine temperature/fuel injection, and a programmable LED engine rpm indicator.

Suzuki GSX-R750 2006 Specifications

Deep Blue 2 / White Marbled Glass (LR5)
Solid Black / Matte Black Metallic 2 (CRU)
Grey Metallic / Metallic Grey Ghost (CRT)
Black Solid / Blue Pearl Suzuki (BMV)

Dimensions and curb weight
Overall length: 2,040 mm (80.3 in)
Overall width: 715 mm (28.1 in)
Overall height: 1,125 mm (44.3 in)
Wheelbase: 1,400 mm (55.1 in)
Ground clearance: 130 mm (5.1 in)
Seat height: 810 mm (31.9 in)
Empty weight: 164 Kg (361 lbs)

Engine Type: 4 stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC.
Number of cylinders: 4 cylinders.
Caliber: 70 mm (2.756 in)
Stroke: 48.7 mm (1.917 in)
Displacement: 750 cm3 (45.8 cu in)
Compression ratio: 12.5: 1.
Fuel System: Fuel delivery method.
Air filter: Paper element.
Starter system: Electric.
Lubrication system: Wet collector.
Idle speed: 1200 ± 100 rpm

Clutch: Wet, multiplate oil.
Transmission: 6-speed constant Gear.
Gearshift pattern: 1 reduction, 5 increase.
Primary reduction ratio: 1.761 (74/42)
Gear Ratio:
First: 2,785 (39/14)
2nd: 2,052 (39/19)
3rd: 1,714 (36/21)
4th: 1,500 (36/24)
5th: 1,347 (31/23)
High: 1,208 (29/24)
Final reduction ratio: 2.647 (45/17)
Drive chain: RK 525ROZ5Y, 116 links.

Front suspension: Inverted telescopic, coil springs, adjustable preload, damping oil.
Rear suspension: articulated type, coil spring, oil damped, adjustable preload fully adjustable shock compression and rebound.
Carrera Front fork: 120 mm (4.7 in)
Rear wheel travel: 130 mm (5.1 in)
Steering angle: 27º
Tilt the front axle: 23º 45 ‘
Filmed: 97 mm (3.8 in)
Turning radius: 3.4 m 11.2 ft)
Front brake: radial anchor, double disc 300 mm, 4-piston caliper.
Rear Brake: Caliper one piston, 220 mm disc.
Front Tire Size: 120/70 ZR 17 M / C (58 W), tubeless.
Rear Tire Size: 180/55 ZR 17 M / C (73 W), tubeless.

Electrical Equipment
Ignition Type: Electronic ignition (Transistorized).
Ignition timing: 8 BTDC at 1200 rpm
Spark plug: NGK or DENSO CR9E U27ESR-N
Battery: 12 V 36.0 kC (10 Ah) / 10 HR
Generator: Three-phase AC generator
Main fuse: 30A
Fuse: 10/10/15/15/10/10 A
Headlight: 12 V 55 W (H7) + 12 v 65 w (H9)
Flashing light 12 V 21 W
Number plate light 12 V 5 W
Brake / rear: LED
Light: 12 V 5 W x 2
Speedometer light: LED
Neutral indicator light: LED
Indicator light beam: LED
Indicator light turn signal: LED
Indicator light fuel level: LED
Light oil pressure warning: LED

Fuel tank, including reserve: 16.5 L (4.4 / 3.6 US / Imp gal)
Engine oil:
oil change: 2,200 ml (2.3 / 1.9 US / Imp qt)
with filter change: 2.500 ml (2.6 / 2.2 US / lmp qt)
Repair: 2.900 ml (3.1 / 2.6 US / lmp qt)
Refrigerant: 2,700 ml (2.9 / 2.4 US / lmp qt)

Suzuki GSX-R750 2006 Image Gallery

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