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Suzuki GSX-R750 2000-2002 Service Manual


Service Manual for Suzuki GSX-R750 2000-2002 motorcycles.

Perform the Repair: Follow the manual’s instructions carefully. Take your time and proceed step by step. Be cautious, especially when dealing with critical components like the engine, brakes, or electrical systems.

Double-Check: After completing the repair, double-check your work to ensure everything has been reassembled correctly. Test the motorcycle to verify that the issue has been resolved.

Maintenance and Regular Checks: Use the manual’s maintenance schedule to perform regular checks and servicing to prevent future issues.

Consult Professionals if Needed: If you encounter any complexities or uncertainties beyond your expertise, don’t hesitate to seek help from professional mechanics or experienced individuals.

Service Manual Suzuki GSX-R, a great reference for the repair and maintenance. Service Manual, fix motorcycle yourself with a repair manual.

Content Suzuki GSX-R750 2000-2002 Service Manual

General Information
General precautions
Serial number location
Fuel, oil and engine coolant recommendation
Break-in procedures
Cylinder Identification
Information labels
Country or area

Periodic Maintenance
Periodic maintenance schedule
Maintenance and tune-up procedures
Compression pressure check
Oil pressure check

Engine Removal and Installation
Crankshaft / Cylinder Head
Cylinder / Piston
Engine Lubrication System
Starter system / Signal generator
Gearshift Linkage
Crankcase / Transmission / Crankshaft / Conrod

Fuel Injection / Air intake
FI System Technical Features
Intake Air System
FI System Parts Location
FI System Diagram
Throttle Body and STV Actuator
FI System Wiring Diagram
Self-Diagnosis Function
Fail-Safe Function
FI System Troubleshooting
Fuel System

Cooling and Lube system
Cooling Circuit
Engine Coolant
Radiator and Water Hoses
Cooling Fan
Cooling Fan Thermo-Switch
Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge
Water Pump
Lubrication System

Exterior Parts
Front Wheel
Front Fork
Rear Wheel
Rear Suspension
Front Brake
Rear Brake
Tire and Wheel

Electrical System
Cautions in Servicing
Location of Electrical Components
Charging System
Starter System and Side-Stand / Ignition
Interlock System
Ignition System
Combination Meter

Servicing Information
Wiring Diagram
Wire Harness, Cable and Hose Routing
Fuel Tank Set-up
Cowling Set-up
Heat Shield Set-up
Side-stand Set-up
Gearshift Pedal Set-up
Fairing and Frame Cover Set-up
Special Tools
Tightening Torque
Service Data

Emission Control Information
Fuel Injection System
Evaporative Emission Control System
Pair (Air Supply) System Diagram
Evaporative Emission Control System Inspection
Pair (Air Supply) System Hose Routing
Canister Hose Routing
Pair (Air Supply) System Inspection

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