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Suzuki GSX-R600 1998 Specifications


Heart of a Grand Prix racer, power to finish first

The refined engine receives fine tuning
The 600cc 4 cylinder engine in last year’s GSX-R600 redefined the class with its revolutionary compact pack aging and class leading power. The ’98 model is built to be an even structurally tougher, durable engine that produces more mid range torque and top-end output.
The shape at the intake port was changed and waisted intake valves adopted to reduce resistance and increase airflow. Cam timing was changed to increase intake valve lift. The intake valve recess on the crown at each short-skirted piston was cut deeper to receive the increased stroke of the intake valve and expand the range of possible valve timing settings for competition use.
Valve overlap is now longer. In addition redesigned piston rings reduce tension on the cylinder wall to minimize friction loss and increase output across the powerband.
These technological advances taken directly from the circuit, reduce mechanical loss and ensure durability under high roads for long periods.

Encore Performance
Suzuki’s integrated design team at Hamamatsu is never content to rest on their laurels. Eager to challenge the technical possibilities of the GSX-R600, the team spent the past year diligently tuning the engine to deliver smooth, responsive power and more mid-range torque. At the same time, they tuned the chassis to create an even more compact, more nimble supersports racer replica. True to its pure race heritage, the Suzuki GSX-R600 1998 is again ready to redefine 600cc performance and pleasure on the circuit and the street.

Suzuki GSX-R600 1998 Specifications

Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue / Pearl Still White (L99)
Candy Koran Orange / Black (K4B)
Light Charcoal Metallic / Metallic Flash Silver (K1W)

Dimensions and curb weight
Overall length: 2,065 mm (81.3 in)
Overall width: 720 mm (28.3 in)
Overall height: 1,135 mm (44.7 in)
Wheelbase: 1,390 mm ​​(54.7 in)
Ground clearance: 130 mm (5.1 in)
Seat height: 830 mm (32.7 in)
Empty weight: 174 Kg (384 lbs)

Engine Type: 4 stroke, liquid cooled, DOHC
Number of cylinders: 4 cylinders
Bore: 65.5 mm (2.579 in)
Stroke: 44.5 mm (1.752 in)
Displacement: 600 cc (36.6 cu in.)
Compression ratio: 12.0: 1
Carburetor: MIKUNI BDSR36
Air filter: Paper element
Starter system: Electric
Lubrication system: Wet Collector

Clutch: Wet, multiplate oil
Transmission: 6-speed constant mesh
Gearshift pattern: 1 reduction, 5 increase
Primary reduction ratio: 1.756 (72/41)
Gear Ratio:

  • First: 2,866 (43/15)
  • 2nd: 2,058 (35/17)
  • 3rd: 1,650 (33/20)
  • 4th: 1,428 (30/21)
  • 5th: 1,285 (27/21)
  • High: 1,081 (26/22)

Final reduction ratio: 2.812 (45/16)
Drive chain: RK 525SMOZ2, 108 links

Front suspension: Telescopic, coil spring, fully adjustable spring preload, damping fully adjustable rebound damping oil
Rear suspension: articulated type, coil spring, damping gas / oil, adjustable preload fully adjustable shock compression and rebound
Front fork lift: 120 mm (4.7 in)
Rear wheel travel: 133 mm (5.2 in)
Steering angle: 24º
Tilt the front axle: 30 ° (right and left)
Filmed: 96 mm (3.8 in)
Turning radius: 3.1 m (10.2 ft)
Front brake: Hydraulic drive, double disc, 4-piston caliper
Rear brake: Hydraulic drive, disc, 1 piston caliper
Front Tire Size: 120/70 ZR 17 (58 W), tubeless
Rear Tire Size: 180/55 ZR 17 (73 W), tubeless

Electrical Equipment 
Ignition Type: Electronic ignition (CDI)
Ignition timing: 5th BTDC at 1500 rpm
Battery: 12 V 28.8 kC (8 Ah) / 10 HR
Generator: Three-phase AC generator
Main fuse: 30A
Fuse: 15/15/10/15/10 A
Headlight: 12 V 55W + 12 V 55 W (H7)
Flashing light 12 V 21 W
Brake light / tail: 12 V 5/21 W x 2
Light: 12 V 5 W Speedometer light 12 V 1.7 W
Neutral indicator light 12 V 1.7 W
Indicator light beam 12 V 1.7 W
Indicator light turn signal 12 V 1.7 W
Indicator light fuel level: 12 V 1.7 W

Fuel tank, including reserve: 18 l (4.8 / 4.0 US / Imp gal) Engine oil:

  • oil change: 2,600 ml (2.7 / 2.3 US / Imp qt)
  • with filter change: 2.800 ml (3.0 / 2.5 US / Imp qt)
  • Repair: 3.500 ml (3.7 / 3.1 US / Imp qt)

Refrigerant: 2,550 ml (2.7 / 2.2 US / Imp qt)

Suzuki GSX-R600 1998 Brochure

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