The world’s ugliest Suzuki GSX-R motorcycles

The world's ugliest Suzuki GSX-R motorcyclesThe world's ugliest Suzuki GSX-R motorcycles

“On tastes there is nothing written” or “For tastes, colors”, two mythical phrases that are usually used when we see something different that is really ugly and we want to give it a possible excuse.

I’m not an expert in designing and decorating motorcycles, nor do I intend to, but there are some decorations that no matter how hard I try, I still see them very ugly.

I like the theme tuning, I like the racing theme, I like streetfighters, I think I have no bad taste, but sometimes I throw back some transformations.

As shown by these pictures of motorcycles Suzuki GSX-R quite ugly, to my knowledge. But as I said before, about tastes there is nothing written.