The Suzuki SV650X cafe racer, already available in dealers

cafe racer Suzuki SV650X motorcyclecafe racer Suzuki SV650X motorcycle

Lovers of Suzuki and cafe racer are in luck with the arrival of the new Suzuki SV650X. And is that now is available at official dealers this new Suzuki, a model that caused great excitement in its presentation at the last EICMA MotorShow in Milan. Its versatility, power, low consumption and striking design are the main hallmarks of this model, which adds to the recognized and successful Suzuki SV650 range.

The Suzuki SV650X, an authentic motorcycle racer riding the V90 ° twin-cylinder engine of the Suzuki SV650, is one of those models that arouse our curiosity when we pass by. The striking hood that surrounds the headlight, the handlebar, the folding seat and the innovative footrest are just some of the striking features of this model that exudes personality on all four sides.

But the new Suzuki SV650X is much more than beauty. In fact, its interior is even more special. Practical and functional, it is perfect for day to day thanks to its balanced motor, its lightness and its suspension, with a sporty touch. Its progressive power makes it the ideal motorcycle for those who, as with the entire SV range, look for a multitasking motorcycle.

This impressive cafe racer incorporates the Low RPM Assist system, which helps the driver in the start-up and in the low-speed running, and the innovative Suzuki Easy Start, which simplifies the start-up operation of the engine. Undoubtedly, two features that help reduce consumption.

Agile and easy to handle, the Suzuki SV650X will bring not only practicality, but also a lot of style and distinction. You just have to go through the official dealer to start wearing them.