Suzuki GSX-R 400 SP 1990 and Suzuki GSX-R 400 1993

Suzuki GSX-R 400 SP 1990Suzuki GSX-R 400 SP 1990

With the same decoration as their older sisters, these two treasures of motorcycles are the Suzuki GSX-R 400 SP 1990 and the Suzuki GSX-R 400 1993.

Two motorcycles that did not reach the european or north american market, but left a good taste in the Japanese and the South American market.

These two rarities are impeccable, barely have 3,000 and 4,000 miles respectively (about 4,800 and 6,400 km) and were put on sale on Ebay.

The latter reminds me a lot of my previous motorcycle, a Suzuki GSX-R 750 1993, is the same bike but smaller in size.

More information, datasheet, specifications and pictures of these motorcycles:
Suzuki GSX-R 400 1990Suzuki GSX-R 400 1993

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