Suzuki GSX Cafe Racer by Custom Wolf

Suzuki GSX Cafe Racer by Custom WolfSuzuki GSX Cafe Racer by Custom Wolf

Fourteen years of customization makes Custom Wolf one of the most important German companies in the world of motorcycle transformation.

From the catalog of current modifications on its website, 80 percent are Suzuki motorcycles, perfect for Streetfighter transformations or as in this case, in a Suzuki GSX Cafe Racer one.

Among its modifications include:

  • The ultra-short tail with pilot and license plate on one side
  • Dragbar handlebars (fighter style, instead of typical Cafe Racer handles)
  • Micron GP Exhausst
  • Tubular chassis
  • Tachometer in the Norton type tank
  • Retarded footpegs
  • Crown +2 teeth
  • Extended swingarm

Via | Custom Wolf