Suzuki GSR 600 Racing style

Suzuki GSR 600 Racing styleSuzuki GSR 600 Racing style

A few modifications on the Suzuki GSR 600 and its painting characterized Suzuki Racing and the mounting of an inverted fork of a GSX-R. Very simple preparation, but effective and you already have your own “GSRX”, as your preparer Vincent Motos calls this preciousness.

It’s what the GSX-R have, that they throw a lot, we had seen it before in another Suzuki GSR 600 with the Rizla Suzuki colors and now it shows us that the GSX-R acronyms, if you do not have one, you’ll do something to have it , even if you have to change yours.

Suzuki GSR 600 Racing modifications
* Double Escape Arrow Carbon
* Wheel arch
* Street handlebar
* Motor protection
* Diabless tank protection
* Inverted fork of a Suzuki GSX-R 750