Suzuki GN250 E 2004 Service Manual

Suzuki GN250E 2004 service manualSuzuki GN250E 2004 service manual

Service Manual for Suzuki GN250 E 2004 motorcycles. Service Manual Suzuki, a great reference for the repair and maintenance.

Service Manual, fix motorcycle yourself with a repair manual.

Content Suzuki GN250 E 2004 Service Manual

General information
Vin and serial number locations
Fuel and oil recommendations
Break-in procedure
Special features
Special materials
Precautions and general instructions

Periodic maintenance and Tune-up procedures
Periodic maintenance schedule
Maintenance procedures
Cylinder head nuts, exhaust pipe bolts and nut
Air cleaner
Valve clearance
Spark plug
Fuel line
Fuel strainer
Engine oil
Engile idle speed
Drive chain
Tires and spokes
Front fork
Chassis and engine bolts and nuts

Servicing Engine
Compression pressure and oil pressure
Engine removal and remounting
Upper end components disassembly
Upper end components inspection and servicing
Upper end components reassembly
Lower end components disassembly
Lower end components inspection and servicing
Lower end components reassembly

Fuel and lubrication system
Fuel cock
Lubrication system

Front wheel
Front brake
Front fork
Rear wheel and rear brake
Rear suspension

Servicing information
Special tools
Tightening torque
Service data
Wire and cable routing
Wiring diagram