Set of Akrapovic exhaust systems for the Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle

Exhaust Slip-On Line Titanium Suzuki GSX-R1000Exhaust Slip-On Line Titanium Suzuki GSX-R1000

Akrapovič has launched a new range of high performance exhaust for the Suzuki GSX-R1000, designed with the aim of further increasing the performance of this iconic sports motorcycle and intensifying its appearance and sound.

This new range presents products designed to satisfy all tastes and needs. The new collection, from the silencers of the “Slip-On” line, which is the first step in the process of improving the exhaust to the systems totally inspired by the competition (which include the lightest complete system produced by Akrapovič), has a magnificent design and finish, without losing sight of the performance, the lightness of its structure or, of course, the characteristic sound of Akrapovič.

The new “Evolution” line (titanium) is at the top of the product range. This magnificent system, made of ultra-light titanium of superior quality, is the lightest complete exhaust system of Akrapovič, weighing only 4.4 kg: more than 57% lighter than the standard system. Its characteristic shape is based especially on the Suzuki GSX-R1000 and has been designed specifically for this motorcycle from the extensive racing experience of Akrapovič. This system is the perfect performance improvement of Akrapovič as it offers power and torque gains throughout the rev range, providing more than 10 HP at 9000 rpm and over 9 Nm at 7600 rpm. Thanks to a sound of authentic competition and deep perfectly in line with the performance improvement, it is an update to the purest racing style for the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

The other complete system of the range is the “Racing” line (titanium), designed and manufactured with the same meticulousness as the “Evolution” line, but with stainless steel collectors.

Akrapovič has also included in the series two silencers of the “Slip-On” line, which imply great performance improvements in themselves. The “Slip-On” (carbon) line, which has CE and ECE approval, presents the characteristic hexagonal design of Akrapovič. This silencer, made of light titanium with anti-heat plate, cup and carbon fiber outer shell, looks great and emits the characteristic Akrapovič sound with a deeper tone.

The design of the “Slip-On” line (titanium) has been inspired by the great prizes. It offers a sporty and reduced aspect that combines perfectly with the lines of the motorcycle. This exhaust is excellent due to its manufacture in ultralight titanium of superior quality and the consequent reduction of 70% of the weight with respect to the silencer of series. The fantastic sound that it emits gives a sensation of pure competition and an emotion without equal; It is an exhaust whose main purpose is the use in the circuit.

To improve even more the performance of the leaks of the “Slip-On” line, Akrapovič has launched an optional stainless steel collector that converts the “Slip-On” line into a complete system.

With this new collection of Akrapovič products for the Suzuki GSX-R1000, the Slovenian manufacturer of high quality and high performance exhaust systems offers a wide range of silencers and complete systems, plus the opportunity to make improvements thanks to optional manifolds, They will satisfy a wide variety of tastes, desires and needs. Undoubtedly, these high-performance pieces demonstrate the commitment of Akrapovič to offer the best solutions through innovation and from their career path and proven materials in competition. To all this is added the splendid sound of Akrapovič.