Rare Suzuki GSX-R 1300 Hayabusa tandem motorcycle

suzuki gsx-r 1300 hayabusa tandem

After the Hayabuquad , later the Hayatrike and finally the Suzuki GSXR Tricycle. I show you this “preciousness”, so comfortable and so versatile, the Hayabusa Tandem .

Of course I would love to ride in that beast of more than two meters and of course that behind would lead to that explosive blonde, what I do not know is if I would be able to handle that machine.

At first glance it seems huge and I guess it is quite uncomfortable to drive. It is clear that it would cost me enough to take her through the streets of my city and much more, to get into traffic at nine in the morning.
The boy has the body to take it and his girlfriend seems quite delighted with the modification.

I just hope that that rear handlebar does not have brakes, or accelerator, or gusts, or anything like that, because it would be a laugh that while you’re driving, your girlfriend was poking you from behind. We already have enough with the “pinches” when we spend a little bit with speed, right?