History of the Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle – Part l

Suzuki GSX-R motorcycles historySuzuki GSX-R motorcycles history

In 1985 Suzuki revolutionized the motorcycle market with the introduction of the GSX-R , an acronym that twenty years later has become a myth and synonymous with sports bikes. It was a huge performance bike that stood out for its high power and light weight.

Years later, the GSX-R acronyms have become a myth, not only because of the large number of units sold, but also because of the enormous respect that exists between the two-wheelers, the sporting spirit of this motorcycle.

It is true that Suzuki was not the first brand to introduce sports bikes. Before the Suzuki GSX-R already existed other models such as the Honda CB 1100 RC of 1983 , or the VF 1000 R of 1984 , also sports. However, these models weighed much more and also had a larger displacement. Therefore, what Suzuki did was to introduce an even sportier motorcycle concept, with a more “maneuverable” displacement and lower weight.

Another of the most important aspects of this model of almost 20 years ago were the colors used. The combination of blue, white and black was an ideal mix that has survived to the present day and is in fact quickly associated with the sportier models of the Hamamatsu brand.

In 1998, the Japanese brand introduces a new generation of the Suzuki GSX-R that stands out for presenting an even more sporty look, with a lower driving position and sharper shapes. The engine also increased its power to 110 horses , although the weight also rose to 195 kilos .

However, for Suzuki it never seemed enough. A year later, in 1989, it again increases the power of this model of 750 cubic centimeters to 112 horses. It should be noted that since its appearance on the market – five years before – this sport continues with its hallmark: the double beacon rendondo.

Year after year, the Japanese brand continued to increase the power of this model. In 1990, the Suzuki GSX-R 750 already had 115 horses , and on the contrary the weight began to decrease (193 kilos).

More aggressive
In 1991, this motorcycle acquired a more aggressive aesthetic. It maintained the double lighthouse, although on this occasion it was protected by a small transparent dome that granted greater personality.

A year later, Suzuki wanted to innovate mainly with the colors of the fairing. Gone are the traditional and linear blue, white and black to introduce in this year some modern drawings, along with striking colors.

In 1995, the Suzuki GSX-R 750 cubic centimeters already yielded a power of 120 horses and the weight was below 200 kilos. But without a doubt, the spectacular change given by the Hamamatsu brand was in 1996. At that time Suzuki reduced the weight of the motorcycle to 179 kilos, while increasing the power to 128 horses.

Since then, the race to lower the weight and increase the benefits has not decreased in this model. Thus, Suzuki announced in 2003 a sport of 750 cubic centimeters with a maximum power of 141 horses and a weight of 166 kilos . And if that were not enough, the Japanese brand returned in 2004 to increase the power, up to 148 horses , and reduce the weight by three kilograms.

New and impeccable image 2007
Like its sister with smaller displacement, the Suzuki GSX-R 750 incorporated an improved and updated image. The sharp dome, the V-shaped front optical group and the integrated turn signals on the rear-view mirrors stand out.

In the new version for 2006/07 the Suzuki GSX-R introduced changes with respect to the previous version:
• Sharp dome
• V-shaped front optics
• Turn signals integrated in the rear view mirrors
• Less weight than the previous version
• Greater power, modifications in pistons and injection
• SET system (consists of a valve in the exhaust pipe that closes almost completely at low revolutions, improving the operation of the engine)

It comes in blue / white, red / white, black. The engine is of 4 cylinders and a cubic capacity of 749cc with a power of 148 horses fed by electronic injection.
The dry bike weighs about 163 kilos . Its deposit houses 16 liters and a half.

As for the brakes, the front is double disc 310 mm, 4 pistons and the rear disc 220mm and two pistons. It has a 6 speed transmission. This model has been on the market for 20 years but it continues to stand out for its compatibility both for driving in the city and on the circuit. In this new version, both the engine and the frame have been improved, it is more powerful and more aerodynamic.

Aesthetically it is identical to the Suzuki GSX-R 600 2007 , but it varies in different decorative elements. The rev counter reaches 15,000 laps . The diameter and displacement of the pistons have been modified. On some bikes, as with good wines, time improves them. It is the undoubted case of the Suzuki GSX-R.

2008 can you ask for more??
The Suzuki GSX-R 600 and 750 are renewed, as in recent times, the Hamamatsu house surprises us with some improvements over the previous model. More power, technological advances and a more compact chassis.

The Suzuki GSX-R continues to show itself as a competition replica and incorporates the mapping selector Suzuki Drive Mode Selector . The digital engine management system, based on a 32-bit processor, perfectly combines all the racing heritage collected over 20 years, with the most advanced technology.
The most notable changes are in a completely new fairing and a larger exhaust silencer. The dome, tail and new optics are sharpened, making the bike much more aggressive.