Gixxer Sticker or how to fill your bike with stickers

Gixxer Sticker or how to fill your bike with stickers Gixxer Sticker or how to fill your bike with stickers

We are many gixxers that we like to fill with stickers our beloved bikes. Some, including myself, make replicas of racing bikes and decorate ours with all the stickers of sponsors we can.

There are many detractors of this type of free publicity, sometimes I have read comments like: “I do not put a brand sticker, that is to make free publicity, to pay me if they want me to put a sticker on my motorcycle”. I am one of those who think that these people are very wrong, because the moment you buy a motorcycle you are already advertising that brand (some people remove all the stickers or original stickers of the brand to not make “free publicity”) . Something that I do not understand very well either, because the smallest thing in this life that you buy is advertising, you buy some underpants and wear the brand. Then you could not buy anything.

Those who show our bikes and love to decorate them with stickers and stickers of sponsors of competition, brands of tools, accessories or parts of motorcycles, clothing and accessories for bikers, etc., is not that we have any obsession with the stickers, we simply we like to see our bikes different from other motorcycles and for them we need to decorate them, either by painting them with other colors or by filling them with stickers.

Something like this would think the owner of this motorcycle Suzuki GSXR when he decided to fill it with stickers and stickers completely, a full equipment of vinyls, brands and sponsors, not just competition, but everything that is caught on the road. Most of them are accessories and biker accessories.

A way like another to decorate a Suzuki GSXR motorcycle, only this one goes a little out of the ordinary.