1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Martini Motorcycle

1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Martini Motorcycle1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 Martini Motorcycle

With the help of No-Limit-Fighters , a German house dedicated to the modification of motorcycles and although its specialty is the mythical streetfighters, this time they have done a lot to turn this 1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750 into a real jewel.

To start, assemble a GSX-R engine, chassis made exclusively by No-Limit-Fighters, Braking wave brake discs, the fuel tank of a harley davidson, K & n air filter, fender, seat and other body parts manufactured by No-Limit-Fighters, Laser X-treme escapes, Digi-Beast Velocimetro, 240 rear rubber and the special Martini painting by designer Andrl in Germany. A preciousness worth seeing and trying.

“Okay, it should not be more than 250 kilometers at a stretch and not more than 180 km / h, if at all,” says the rock-hard owner from his previous wealth of experience. He must truly “reach out” if he includes the extra-high handlebar-handle combination mounted under the upper triple clamp. “Sit low”, stretched far forward, thanks to the extreme position of the RST footrest. Fine in the sense of the enormous stretching of the front fork. Not interested in the marginal length of travel, let alone the lack of comfort. More wheelbase brings more tension torque in this steel-hard structure. Thus, only the body bends over it. For more gracious damping the whole guy does not ask, only to the full force of wanton Gixxer driving in the long Fidler frame. Frills free. For cool, deep and hammer hard.

  • Engine
    Suzuki GSX-R 750 built in 1991, air-oil cooled, Mikuni carburetor, open air filter from Speed ​​Products, exhaust manifold self-made, endpipes laser, 4-1, RST brake and clutch cylinder
  • Front
    Forklifts, handlebars and Fender self-made no-limit Fighters, GSX-R front wheel, Braking Wave discs, 6-piston billet brake system, Kellermann turn signals, Digi-Beast Speedometer
  • Frame
    Fiedler, 1999, reinforced, suspension original
  • Bodywork
    No-limit fighters with Olli, Nabburg
  • Rear
    Fender by No-Limit-Fighters, rim by Deget extended to 9 inches
  • Wheels
    V: 3½ x 17 inches, H: 9 x 18/240
  • Painting
    Martini-Design by Andrl, near Nabburg

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